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NIPPing Infections in the Bud

Specialized Training in Infection Prevention and Control

Attendee Information

October 16-18, 2018
Hawthorne Health and Rehab of Brandon
851 W Lumsden Road
Brandon, FL 33511-6280



Infection Prevention and Control has taken center stage as part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s Reform of Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities. FHCA is partnering with RB Health Partners, Inc. to offer a specialized training that will equip long term care facilities with the tools they need to participate in surveillance; learn and use infection control and containment practices; and adopt a proactive approach to preventing spread while being good stewards of antibiotics to preserve effectiveness of the agents available today.

FHCA has partnered with RB Health Partners, Inc. whose Nursing Home Infection Prevention Program© (NIPP) will be the focus of this training. Chad Rhone, Infection Prevention Advisor at RB Health Partners, Inc. will serve as the presenter.

NIPPing Infections in the Bud will consist of:

  • A full 16-hour program geared for those individuals who have primary professional training in nursing, medical technology, microbiology, epidemiology or other related field who will be responsible for the facility’s Infection Prevention and Control Program (IPCP)*

* Participants must bring their own personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes gowns, gloves, and
disposable masks. PPE will not be required for attendees of the four-hour training.

The specialized training will drill deeper with standard and transmission-based precautions, including the circumstances in which isolation should be used for residents or staff. The Infection Preventionist’s role will be fully explored, with a review of that specialist’s qualifications and scope of practice.

In addition to receiving FHCA’s Record of Attendance and having continuing education hours reported to CE Broker for qualified health care practitioners, training participants will have the opportunity to take a post-training examination as evidence of having successfully completed the coursework in infection prevention and control.

Learner Objectives:

FHCA’s specialized training delivers all the components of a compliant Infection Prevention and Control Program. Attendees will:

  • Learn how to develop systems for preventing, identifying, reporting, investigating, and controlling infections and communicable diseases across a broader range of nursing facility residents, guests, and staff.
  • Identify standards, policies and procedures that are mandated to support the systems, with expert guidance on surveillance and reporting.
  • Understand new staff training requirements and how to implement a compliant antibiotic stewardship program that includes antibiotic use protocols and systems for monitoring antibiotic use and recording incidents.
  • Learn how to connect the new Facility Assessment with the development of an IPCP. 


Robin A. Bleier

A.C. Burke
Sr. Infection Prevention Advisor
NIPP Program Manager
Anabelle Locsin
Quality Improvement Consultant

Norma D. Collins
Vice President of Clinical Services

Jonathan Teter
Sr. Analyst Infection Prevention Advisor

Chaz Rhone
Infection Prevention Advisor



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