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Focus on Florida Weekly Emergency Preparedness Tips

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FHCA Webinars

Hurricane Preparedness 2018: Planning Strategies for Long Term Care (April 27, 2018)
(1) Download the Webinar Recording
(2) Download the Webinar Handouts

Additional Handouts:

FHCA/FPL Disaster Training Materials

2016 Hazard-Based Disaster Planning for LTC Facilities: A Discussion-Based Exercise (July 27-28, 2016)
(1) Discussion-Based Exercise PPT Handout
(2) Resource Booklet
(3) Exercise Handout for Broward County
(4) Exercise Handout for Sarasota County
(5) NOAA Storm Surge Educational Brochure 

Title Sponsor: Coastal Reconstruction Group

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence

Assisted Living

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Assisted Living Communities (NCAL in collaboration with FHCA, March 2015)





Drills & After Action Reports (for exercises and actual events)

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)

Provided by the Big Bend Health Care Coalition, this is a comprehensive tool that provides both an overview of hazard vulnerability risk assessment, and an excel tool and instructions for computing risk score.

Healthcare Preparedness Coalitions (HCC)