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FHCA Statement on Emergency Power Plan Ruling

Florida Health Care Association has consistently voiced its support of the Governor’s goal to ensure that residents are kept safe and cool during disasters. It was for this reason that, despite a timeline that posed significant challenges for our members to meet, FHCA chose not to challenge the Governor’s emergency rule. Rather, we made the choice to work with the administration and the Legislature to strengthen resident-focused procedures for nursing center and assisted living facility emergency power plans.

Now that the Division of Administrative Hearings has invalidated the rules, FHCA is calling on the Agency for Health Care Administration to institute negotiated rulemaking, as allowed under the law [F.S. 120.54(s)], so that all stakeholders can come together. We firmly believe that a thoughtful process that brings everyone to the table will produce the best solutions and ensure that resident safety remains the top priority during emergency situations.

Kristen Knapp, APR
Director of Communications
Florida Health Care Association
kknapp@fhca.org or (850) 510-4389