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FHCA Statement on AHCA/DOEA New Permanent Generator Rules

Tallahassee, FL (Nov. 14, 2017) - Florida Health Care Association thanks the Governor, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) for considering several of our recommendations for strengthening emergency procedures in nursing homes and assisted living facilities (ALFs). The new rules proposed by AHCA/DOEA appear to contain a number of provisions put forth by FHCA in public testimony before the agencies and the Legislature during recent rule workshops and committee meetings.

FHCA has consistently sought a process that is resident-focused in order to meet the Governor’s goal of keeping residents cool and safe during disasters. Sharing ideas through press releases and public testimony is no substitute for gathering experts around a table and working together to develop a realistic plan that can be met by providers in a reasonable time frame and safe manner.

Together with our more than 550 members, FHCA continues to stand ready to work with the administration and the Legislature on disaster procedures for nursing homes and ALFs. However, it’s important that the discussion be expanded beyond just generators -- priority power, stronger connections between emergency managers and long term care providers, and a more formalized process with special needs shelters are also important considerations. This is the best way, and the right way, to keep our state's frailest elders safe during emergency situations.

Kristen Knapp, APR
Director of Communications
Florida Health Care Association
kknapp@fhca.org or (850) 701-3530 / (850) 510-4389 cell