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Culture Change

Culture change refers to the national movement for the transformation of older adult services, based on person-directed values and practices where the voices of elders and those working with them are considered and respected. Core person-directed values are choice, dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living. Click here for the Pioneer Network’s definition of Culture Change.

The FHCA Quality Improvement & Culture Change Council consists of members and other partners, including representatives from the Florida Pioneer Network and the National Pioneer Network, working together to encourage understanding and support of culture change. The mission of the Council is to promote person centered care and culture change movement in the long term care profession by serving as a resource to educate, assist and support person-directed care in accordance with the vision and values of FHCA in partnership with the Florida Pioneer Network. 

CMS Categorical Waivers RE: Culture Change

CMS Regulations on Person-Centered Care

FHCA Webinar (May 20, 2016) - Impact of CMS Regulations on Person-Centered Care - Launching & Sustaining Culture Change
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Simplifying Liberalized Diets

FHCA Webinar (May 2, 2014) -  Simplifying Liberlized Diets, sponsored by Thrive Ice Cream
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Consistent Assignment

Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys 

Improving Dementia Care / Reducing the Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotic Drugs

Measuring Culture Change

Culture Change Leadership Assessment

Approved Food Sources

Sexuality in LTC Settings

Staff Engagement

FHCA Members Only Webinar Recording & Handouts (Mar. 31, 2017)