Florida’s Advocate for Long Term Care
Providers and the Elders They Serve

FHCA Florida Senior Clinicians Other Selected Resources

Acute Care Transfers

Clinical & Ed. Tools for Daily Practice in LTC Facilities

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Association
2017 Alzheimer's Disease Facts

Culture Change

Pioneer Network
Tools and Resources to Guide Culture Change in LTC

Dementia Care

Iowa Geriatric Ed. Center
Training & Tools for Better Management of Problem Behaviors & Psychosis

Advancing Excellence
https://www.nhqualitycampaign.org/goalDetail.aspx?g=CA#tab4" target="_blank">Extensive Resources: Medications; Consistent Assignment

Disease Control

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
CDC's Top Resources for Disease Control Topics

Falls Management

Education and QI tools for falls management; free downloads.

Improving Dementia Care / Reducing the Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotic Drugs

Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes – Medications
American Medical Directors Association – Antipsychotic Use Assessment Tool
CMS National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care
CMS Hand-in-Hand: A Training Series for Nursing Homes
Florida Partnership to Individualize Dementia Care in Nursing Homes
IA-ADAPT (Improving Antipsychotic Appropriateness in Dementia Patients)

Infection Control

Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology
APIC provides education, information, and recommendations for infection control in healthcare settings

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Florida Department of Health Division of Disease Control
FL DOH Division of Disease Control Resources, information & research on disease control

Professional Association for Infection Control & Epidemiology
Education, Information, & Recommendations for IC in Healthcare Settings

LTC Nursing: Leadership Tools

FL Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn, College of Nursing
Links to Resources Such as Competencies for LTC Senior Nurse Leaders

LTC Nursing: Practice Tools

Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
Access to Resources for Education, Practice, Research, and Policy in Geriatric Nursing

Center for Nursing Excellence LTC
Tools and resources for the professional development and leadership growth of nurses caring for older adults in NSFs.

Institute for Geriatric Nursing
Access to the products & resources developed by the Institute in the areas of education, practice, research, and policy

Nurse Executive Council
Tools and resources on a variety of topics, including care transitions and pain management, among others.

MDS 3.0 Training Resources & Info

CMS Tools & Resources; Links to the Official CMS YouTube Channel

MDS 3.0 Resources, Tools & Links

Pain Management

Geriatric Pain
Best practice tools & resources for nurses responsible for pain care in older adults who reside in nursing homes.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Effective Health Care Program
Pain Management Interventions for Hip Fracture Research Review
Pain Management Interventions for Elderly Patients With Hip Fracture Clinicians Guide
Comparative Effectiveness of Pain Management Interventions for Hip Fracture: A Systematic Review, Annals of Internal Medicine
Managing Pain From a Broken Hip: A Guide for Adults and Their Caregivers

Palliative Care

Center to Adv. Palliative Care
Extensive Palliative Care Tools, Resources & Training for Health Care Professionals

National Hospice & Palliative Care Association
Extensive End-of-Life Care Resources and Links

Quality Improvement Organization (QIO)

Health Services Advisory Group (formerly FMQAI)
Provides a wide range of services to assist health care providers to improve quality of healthcare delivery

Safety & Quality in Healthcare

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Generates knowledge & tools for improving healthcare safety and quality.

The Joint Commission
Official "Do Not Use" List

Transfers & Readmissions

Clinical & educational tools & strategies for use in every day practice in long term care facilities

The Nursing Home Role in Reducing Hospital Readmissions
FMQAI Webinar PPT, Aug. 2010