2016 Legislative Scorecard Overview

Florida Health Care Association's Legislative Scorecard reports on the Association's 2016 priorities, which includes issues related to Medicaid funding, Certificate of Need, the Governor's Gold Seal Award, transparency in health care, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and telehealth. Bills that expand the scope of practice for nurse practitioners/physician assistants, address Florida's nursing shortage and update fire safety standards for assisted living facilities are also a focus. Additional comments report on legislators' sponsorship/co-sponsorship of pro-long term care legislation, their voting record and overall support or non-support related to issues or bill(s) that impact the profession. If no action on an issue/bill was taken, the record is left blank.

Legislation Reference Key

  • SB 964: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
  • SB 1444: Certificate of Need
  • SB 1496: Transparency
  • HB 127: Governor's Gold Seal Award
  • HB 423: Expand the Scope of Practice for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants
  • HB 557: Unpaid Debt Collection
  • HB 965: Fire Safety Standards for Assisted Living Facilities
  • HB 1061: Nurse Licensure Compact
  • HB 1175: Telehealth
  • HB 1241: Ordering of Medication

2016 Senate Scorecard



  • SB 1144:
  • HB 127:
  • HB 423:
  • HB 1241:
  • HB 1061:
  • SB 964:
  • HB 1175:
  • HB 965:
  • SB 1496: