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An Analysis of the Long-Term Care Labor Crisis and the Strategies Needed to Recruit & Retain the Workforce to Meet Florida’s Needs

The Health Care Workforce Coalition is a group of leaders from various health care sectors, including long-term care, hospitals, and home health care, focused on addressing the ongoing health care workforce challenges that threaten Floridians’ access to needed care. The Coalition is recommending a comprehensive strategy to recruit more health care heroes to serve our nation’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. A multi-phased approach is called for with incentives and supports necessary to attract, develop, and retain long-term care staff by leveraging federal, state, and academic resources – a key first step to increase workforce availability.

Strategies to address challenges include:

  • Financial assistance to Incentivize Caregivers
  • Educating and Training a Future Workforce
  • Regulatory Solutions to Improve Person-Centered Care
  • Workforce Surveillance to Track Future Needs

Reports & Recommendations (October 2021)