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On-demand AHCA Joint Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Click here to access the On-Demand AHCA ALF Joint Training web page.

The On-demand AHCA Joint Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities offer on-demand sessions for a total of 6 computer-based contact hours. Please note, the On-demand AHCA Joint Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities and the On-demand AHCA Joint Training for Assisted Living Facilities are two separate events and if participants plan to watch both on-demand trainings they will be required to register for both separately.

These sessions will be a recording of the in-person AHCA Joint Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities sessions taking place around the state at various locations in October and are repackaged, online for those who could not attend the in-person training. Before purchasing the On-demand AHCA Joint Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities, please confirm that you are not attending the in-person trainings being held in October as you will not receive credit for both the in-person training and the on-demand training. Contact FHCA at (850) 224-3907 or with any questions.

On-demand Training: How It Works

  • All Sessions are recorded from the Tallahassee, in-person training
  • Registered participants will receive an email on November 1 which will include a link to access the on-demand sessions on the Virtual Platform. A username (your email) and individual password will be included along with instructions on how to get into the platform.
  • Training Dates: On-demand Video Sessions must be accessed and completed between November 1 and November 19 at 4:00 p.m. to receive CEUs.
  • Continuing Education Credits: FHCA will post contact hours to CE Broker by November 30, 2021. Participants do not need to complete all of the sessions to receive credit as FHCA will submit to CE Broker the actual number of sessions you watched.

Continuing Education

FHCA is seeking approval for 6 hours of computer-based continuing education for the On-demand AHCA Joint Training for Skilled Nursing Facilities – Provider Number 50-720: Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators, Florida Board of Nursing, Florida Board of Clinical Social Work and the Florida Board of Occupational Therapy.

Event Agenda

#1 (1 CEU)

Get to Know Your QIO – Alliant Quality Discusses Hospital Readmissions, Psychotropics and Narcotic Alternatives, and Infection Control

JoVonn Givens, Alliant Quality

Alliant Quality, the CMS contracted QIO, delivers the quality improvement scope of practice and offers clinical and quality measure expertise to support long-term care facilities. In this session, they will expand on the systems that impact quality to reduce readmissions,Emergency Department (ED) visits and adverse drug events and improve infection control.

#2 (1 CEU)

Top 10 Opportunities for Improvement in SNFs

Donah Heiberg, Agency for Health Care Administration

Many centers recognize the drive for continual improvement is an integral part of the cycle in long-term care. Compliance in all areas requires vigilance and a high level of focus on achieving the goal. Session attendees will learn about the top 10 opportunities to improve compliance and achieve better survey outcomes.

#3 (1 CEU)

Agency Hot Topics, Federal Phase 3 Updates and Emergency Preparedness Reminders

Kim Smoak, Agency for Health Care Administration

Now, more than ever, it is critical that facilities are prepared and equipped to meet the requirements for emergency preparedness and life safety regulations and surveys. Attendees will learn the newest agency updates, the status of Phase 3 of the CMS Rule, emergency preparedness and life safety criteria that help ensure residents and staff are protected and an overview of emergency preparedness reminders for year-round, all hazards planning. 

#4 (.5 CEU)

Ombudsman – Unique Advocate for LTC Residents

Michael Phillips, State Ombudsman, FL Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Hear from Florida's Ombudsman, Michael Phillips, yesterday, today, and beyond in relation to advocacy for the elderly in long-term care. While there is a foundation and structure, there are changes and a future for the partnership for the residents served. Be informed about who the Ombudsman is, what they do and why they do it.

#5 (1 CEU)

Health Care-Associated Infections (HAI) – Partnerships to Save Lives

Michelle Dillehay, Agency for Health Care Administration and Argentina Charles/Alina Corral, Florida Department of Health

According to a recent survey by the CDC, one in 25 hospital patients have a Health Care-Associated Infection (HAI). Broad implementation of the CDC guidelines saves lives, reduces suffering and decreases health care costs. Through partnerships and the commitment of stakeholders, the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) HAI Prevention Program supports health care facilities in implementing best practices for preventing the spread of HAI. This session will cover HAI prevention strategies to be used in centers.

#6 (1.5 CEU)

Immediate Jeopardy Citations - On the Rise

Mary Maloney, Agency for Health Care Administration

If your center receives an Immediate Jeopardy citation, especially if it is the first time, it is vital that your staff understands how to respond and provide the required documentation and information as quickly as possible. This session will breakdown the series of events and causes and offer insights into how centers can be prepared to respond and document appropriately