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COVID-19 Facility Vaccine Readiness


Florida has made long term care residents a priority for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Facilities are collaborating with the Florida Department of Health, Florida Division of Emergency Management and Florida National Guard to administer the vaccine in Broward and Pinellas Counties with a high concentration of long term care facilities, as well as partnering with CVS or Walgreens as part of the CDC Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care COVID-19 Vaccination Program, to support statewide distribution efforts. Vaccinations are being done through COVID-19 immunization clinics, set up onsite at each facility where a team of DOH or pharmacy representatives will manage the immunization process.

State of Florida Vaccine Appointment Information

Vaccine Resources


Pharmacy Resources

Haven't heard from your pharmacy to schedule your clinic?
For CVS: email to CVS Health at CovidVaccineClinicsLTCF@CVSHealth.com (include the word “CONTACT” in subject line) and in email body, include facility name/address, facility point of contact's name/contact information.
For Walgreens: Contact ImmunizeLTC@walgreens.com
For Additional Assistance: Contact FHCA at covid@fhca.org

Assisted Living Facilities

The Division of Emergency Management has contracted with CDR Health to vaccinate assisted living facilities that are not scheduled for their initial vaccine clinic with CVS or Walgreens on or before January 23. 

Communicate/Educate Your Residents

Facilities should be educating residents and their representatives about the benefits of receiving the vaccine. The following resources are available to help answer some common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine benefits and safety:

Communicate/Educate Your Staff

Prepare Your Facility

Gather Patient Information

  • Sample SNF COVID-19 Vaccination Checklist
  • Sample ALF COVID-19 Vaccination Checklist
  • Develop a roster of residents in your facility (demographic/contact information; allergies and/or health conditions; insurance information).
  • Identify those residents who can consent to the vaccine on their own and those who will need consent by their healthcare proxy.
  • Gather the contact information and begin reaching out to the healthcare proxy to prepare them for the information you will need.
  • Prior to immunization, each resident (or their healthcare proxy), must sign a vaccination authorization form* - that form will be provided by your selected pharmacy (Walgreens or CVS).
  • Identify those residents who may need accommodations (limited mobility) or assistance so you can develop a plan with your pharmacy on how to assist them with immunization.

Prepare for the Onsite Clinic

  • AMDA Strategies for Improving Staff & Resident Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccine
  • AHCA/NCAL Preparing for Onsite Clinics Webinar Recording
  • Identify a location in your facility to house the onsite clinic. Considerations to include:
  • Use a well-ventilated space that can allow for proper disinfecting procedures and social distancing (at least six feet) while individuals are awaiting their immunization as well as the 15-minute observation period after each immunization.
  • Space should be large enough to accommodate immunizers, support staff and participants with tables and chairs.
  • Consider signage to direct individuals to the clinic area and remind them of COVID precautionary measures.
  • Identify a staff member to work with your pharmacy point of contact to ensure all needs are met.


Media Relations

Visit FHCA's Media Relations Resources webpage for sample talking points, template media advisory/press release and tips for working with press.