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Health Facility Reporting System

Facilities must report status updates by 10:00 a.m. EST Daily or When Situation Changes

Health Facility Reporting System (HFRS)

HFRS is used to update information regarding census, available beds, utilities, evacuation, generators, damages (related to the storm) and all other reportable event-related information. Facilities in the impact area are encouraged to identify a point of contact for HFRS reporting who would not be affected by power/internet outages.


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State of Emergency

Regulatory Updates

AHCA Hurricane Ian Website

  • Click here for health care facilty updates, regulatory information, Medicaid updates and more.

Billing During Emergencies
Pursuant to the Medicaid Nursing Facility Services Handbook, if you evacuated your facility without discharging the resident, the originating facility may continue to bill Medicaid for reimbursement and then pay the receiving facility at a contracted rate for its services.

Background Screenings
AHCA Emergency Order 22-001 temporarily suspends 408.809(1) for 30 days for anyone who is unable to obtain a Level 2 Background Screening. Providers must instead use a Level 1 employee screening if the candidate is not already in the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse. Once the EO expires, a Level 2 Background Screening must be obtained for all employees who were hired during this timeframe and only obtained a Level 1.

Overcapacity 408.821(2) Florida Statutes
Centers that are serving as receiving sites for facilities that evacuated are reminded that under 408.821(2) Florida Statutes, Providers who plan to exceed their licensed capacity in accordance with their comprehensive emergency management plan for more than 15 days must request approval from AHCA as noted in s. 408.821(2), Florida Statutes. Requests for approval must be submitted to AHCA’s applicable licensing unit to continue at overcapacity. The request should include:

  • The name and license number of the overcapacity facility;
  • If applicable, the name of the evacuating facility and reason the evacuated facility cannot be occupied;
  • Where the residents over licensed capacity are living in the facility (private room converted to semi-private; dining room; other locations in the building);
  • A description of how staffing and supplies are maintained for residents over licensed capacity; and
  • The total number of residents that the facility will be caring for over its licensed capacity.

Facility Re-entry
Nursing centers and ALFs that evacuated and want to re-occupy must ensure the facility is undamaged and all critical systems (e.g. electrical, medical gas, ventilation) are functional and staffing is sufficient. If power is not fully restored, even if generators are operational, facilities must receive approval from their county Emergency Management Offices (EMO) prior to re-entry. This ensures local EMOs are aware of your return should resources need to be diverted to support your center.

Facilities should also report to your county EMO all structural damage, no matter how small or large, for determining cost estimates for emergency management and funds distribution. If the nursing center is damaged, contact the AHCA Office of Plans and Construction (AHCA OPC) at 850-412-4477to discuss damage and impact prior to re-occupancy.Visit the Office of Plans and Construction’s webpage for additional instructions under the heading “Hurricane Ian.” ALFs with damage should contact their county EMO.

Emergency Patient Lookup System
AHCA has activated E-PLUS and 25 county special needs shelters are able to utilize the system to retrieve patient medical records. E-PLUS is also available to assist medical providers and emergency response personnel with locating missing or displaced persons after the storm. Staff are available to assist with questions or to provide additional information on E-PLUS via email at: E-PLUS@ahca.myflorida.com.

CMS Hurricane Ian PHE Resources

Blanket Waivers for Skilled Nursing Facilities: (3-day Prior Hospitalization, For beneficiaries who exhausted their SNF benefits, renewed SNF coverage without first having to start a new period, Timeframe for MDS assessments and transmissions)

Department of Health Updates

Office of Insurance Regulation Hurricane Ian Emergency Order

  • The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has issued an Emergency Order for Hurricane Ian regarding the extension of grace periods, limitations on cancellations and nonrenewals, deemers and limitations on “use and file” filings, along with other miscellaneous provisions. This Emergency Order is issued to protect the public health, safety and welfare of all Florida policyholders.
  • Hurricane Ian Emergency Order 300997-22-EO

Nurse Reciprocity

  • Florida is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact. The Compact allows a nurse to have one multistate license in the primary state of residence and practice in other Compact states, while subject to each state's practice laws and discipline. Employers can confirm a nurse's license and receive a Licensure QuickConfirm report at http://www.nursys.com.

Recovery Resources

Utility Partners/Power Updates

Communicating with Florida’s utility providers during an emergency or during construction projects can be facilitated through online portals.


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