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CRC Proposal 88 Ignores Quality Improvements, Will Increase Lawsuits

Statement from Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director, on CRC Proposal 88 hearing 

“In today’s hearing, a committee of the Constitution Revision Commission approved the misguided Proposal 88. The proposal claims to strengthen the rights of long term care residents throughout Florida, but in reality it is nothing more than an avaricious ploy by trial lawyers to profit from increased lawsuits against nursing centers.

Ultimately, Proposal 88 fails to focus on what is important for Florida’s nursing center residents and caregivers. Its provisions undermine the hard work of thousands of health care professionals who provide outstanding care for some of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens. Existing state and federal laws guarantee the rights of nursing center residents and these laws have been working well to support the advances in quality that are being made in Florida nursing centers today. We are always working with state leaders to improve the quality of care for our residents and understand what resources are needed for our caregivers to truly make a difference. Our members strive every day to provide those resources to improve the lives of those under our care.

In approving this ill-advised proposal, committee members ignored a significant amount of data presented today about the quality of Florida care centers – including the fact that Florida is among the best in the nation in nursing and CNA staffing ratios; that reforms in 2001 led to more systemic approaches to delivering care, including risk management and quality assurance programs, grievance policies and procedures, and resident-centered care; and that new federal rules announced in November make major updates in residents’ rights, care planning, quality assurance, and assessments. I am tremendously disappointed to see Proposal 88 advance. Still, I hope the full Constitution Revision Commission will see that these unreasonable provisions do not belong in the Florida Constitution. In the long run, this will do more harm than good for the caregivers and residents in Florida’s nursing centers.”

Kristen Knapp, APR
Florida Health Care Association
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