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CRC Proposal 88 is Wrong for Constitution

Statement from Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director, on presentations about CRC Proposal 88…

“A committee of the Constitution Revision Commission will meet today to discuss a truly bad proposal, one that is bad on its face and most certainly does not belong in the Florida Constitution. I hope the information members receive during this discussion makes it clear just how much Proposal 88 deserves to be rejected.

The measure claims to help enhance protections for nursing home residents, but it is really little more than a money grab by trial lawyers who are hoping to increase the number of lawsuits against nursing homes. Thousands of dedicated, hardworking professional caregivers are making a difference in the lives of nursing home residents, improving their health outcomes and providing resident-focused care in a way that promotes their dignity. Existing state and federal laws guarantee the rights of nursing home residents, and the Florida Health Care Association is committed to working with state leaders to implement any reasonable strategies that enhance their care and well-being.

This proposal is wrong for the Florida Constitution, and it is wrong for the people of Florida. Increasing lawsuits against nursing homes does nothing to improve quality, having the resources to invest in caregivers is what makes the difference. Commissioners should see it for what it is and reject it.”

Kristen Knapp, APR or 850-701-3530