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FHCA Applauds House on Approval of Qualified Medication Aides in Nursing Centers

TALLAHASSEE, FL -The Florida Health Care Association today applauded the Florida House for unanimously approving legislation authorizing the use of Qualified Medication Aides (QMAs) in nursing centers. The addition of QMAs, as envisioned in SB 558 by Senator Colleen Burton/Representative Will Robinson, will free skilled nurses from the time-consuming task of routine medication distribution, enabling them to focus on higher-level caregiving to help improve patient outcomes. These QMAs will be experienced nursing assistants required to undergo additional detailed training for distributing medication under the supervision of a registered nurse. With the bill's passage by the House and previously the Senate, SB 558 will now be sent to Governor DeSantis for his consideration.

“Florida’s nursing centers are dedicated to creating the best possible outcomes for vulnerable elderly Floridians and individuals with disabilities, and having a strong workforce will ensure that our residents are well supported,” said FHCA CEO Emmett Reed. “This important legislation will help provide nurses with greater capacity to provide the highest level of care while creating a pathway for Certified Nursing Assistants to grow their careers in long-term care. We want to thank the House of Representatives, Senator Burton and Representative Robinson for supporting an innovative approach that will help Florida's nursing centers enhance their services and incentivize the next generation of long-term care workers.”


May 2, 2023

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