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AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program

The American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living encourages member nursing centers and assisted living facilities to participate in this distinctive awards program built on the principles of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Health Care Criteria.

FHCA members are committed to these awards, as proven by the significant number of each award level earned to date:

  • Bronze - Commitment to Quality: 328
  • Silver - Achievement in Quality: 59
  • Gold - Excellence in Quality: 2

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Koko Okano of FHCA. If you have technical questions or require assistance, such as obtaining username and password, obtaining or questions about past applications submitted from your center and online submission help, please contact AHCA Quality Award Team. *The application status and application history is strictly confidential between your center and AHCA/NCAL.

2017 National Quality Awards  

Florida Health Care Association member centers have been recognized nationally for their extraordinary commitment to quality care as part of the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) National Quality Awards program. Florida has 34 Bronze Award recipients and Silver Award recipients will be announced soon. Centers will be honored for their achievement during the FHCA 2017 Annual Conference & Trade Show in Orlando and are recognized nationally during the AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention.

  • Click here to read a list of this year's Bronze Award recipients.
  • Click here to read a list of this year's Silver Award recipients.

What's New   

In 2014, AHCA/NCAL introduced a new recertification policy that affect all the current and past recipients. Under this policy, Bronze and Silver Quality Award recipients will have a limited amount of time to apply for the next award level (Silver or Gold) before being designated as a “past recipient” of the award, a status that requires the center to reapply at the Bronze level if it decides to participate in the program again. For centers that received a Quality Award prior to 2014 but have not yet submitted the application for the next level, applications for the next level must be submitted by the year 2017. If the award recipient chooses not to submit the application by the 2017 deadline, the center will become a past recipient and must start from the Bronze Award level.

Quality Award Workshops

FHCA annually provides hands-on workshops for AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award application writers for Bronze, Silver and Gold. FHCA's Koko Okano, an AHCA/NCAL Quality Award Senior Examiner and an advanced examiner for the Governor's Sterling Award, is joined by several experienced senior examiners to help participants understand the process and criteria for submission. Attendees walk out with an application framework, ready to go.

Quality Award Boot Camp - for Silver and Gold Applicants

FHCA's Quality Award Boot Camp for Silver and Gold applicants. This free, instructional series will offer webinars, in-person events, tools, resources, and communication throughout the application process for FHCA members. Participants must commit to submit the Intent to Apply (due in November) and the application for the annual award cycle (due in January for all levels).

Click Here to Access Quality Award Bootcamp Website

Please note: Participation in this program will not guarantee a successful outcome and will not, in any way, affect the application review process. FHCA's Quality Award Boot Camp will help participants gain proper knowledge and training on the application criteria and write a better application to increase their chances to receive the award.  

For questions about the Quality Award Boot Camp, please contact Koko Okano.

AHCA/NCAL Resources

AHCA/NCAL offers recipient resources by award level, such as logos, planning guides and template press releases.  Recipients also may purchase customized Quality Award banners with center names.