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Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane Michael Updates
Find information and resources related to Hurricane Michael, including updates from AHCA, the Florida Department of Health, CMS, FEMA, Small Business Administration and more.

Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Portal
Developed through a collaboration between FHCA and Emory University's Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center, through the assistance of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LTCprepare.org provides a gateway to tools, resources and information on emergency preparedness topics specifically for skilled nursing and post-acute care centers, as well as assisted living communities.

Emergency Preparedness Tools from the John A. Hartford Foundation Project
Includes the Emergency Management Guides for NHs and ALFs, the Incident Command System and Evacuation Decision-Making

Members Only Emergency Preparedness Tools & Resources
Includes the training materials from the FPL/FHCA Discussion-Based Workshops; disaster drill templates and resources; EMResource FAQs; Hurricane Planning Checklists; CPG 101, adapted for LTC, and other members-only tools

AHCA Emergency Preparedness Resources
Includes links to online emergency reporting system, emergency management planning criteria and more.

CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers
Resources related to CMS Final Rule, 9/15/2016

Nursing Center & ALF Emergency Environmental Rules
Resources related to HB 7099 and SB 7028, which make permanent the emergency rules requiring every nursing center and assisted living facility (ALF) in Florida to have emergency generators to keep residents safe.

AHCA/NCAL Emergency Preparedness Program Customizable Plan for LTC (Flash Drive, Documents, Binder)
Offered through AHCA/NCAL, this comprehensive plan serves as a framework - which you customize to create a strong, effective EPP. Guidance tools address the four core elements of CMS's Emergency Preparedness Requirements: Annual Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning; Communication Plan; Emergency Preparedness Policies and Procedures; Training and Testing. FHCA members only save $100 off purchase price.