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Florida’s Largest Long Term Care Association Applauds Trump Administration for Prioritizing Nation’s Nursing Homes

The Florida Health Care Association (FHCA), representing more than 600 skilled nursing centers and assisted living communities across the state of Florida, applauded the Trump administration for prioritizing the nation’s most vulnerable population as they announced $5 billion in additional Provider Relief Funds that will be allocated to skilled nursing centers across the country.

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FHCA Commends Governor DeSantis for Preserving Nursing Home Funding Increase in State Budget

FHCA commends Governor DeSantis for his forward-thinking decision to leave intact the Medicaid reimbursement increase for Florida’s nursing homes. As he shared in his press conference today, the Governor clearly recognizes that nursing homes are on the frontline of the COVID-19 public health emergency and the state must continue to support them, which includes having sufficient resources to properly protect…

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Florida Long Term Care COVID-19 Response Significantly Better than National Average

FHCA hailed the overall response to COVID-19 by long term care centers in the state, citing newly released federal data showing that Florida’s rate of nursing home cases and fatalities related to the pandemic – the subject of extensive public criticism – is in fact significantly better than the national average. A new report from CMS shows that Florida is…

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FHCA Details Nursing Centers’ Preparations for Hurricane Season

As Florida begins hurricane season amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) has detailed long term care facilities’ storm response plans and advised that the vast majority of Florida’s nursing centers have generators capable of protecting residents in the event of power outages.
Nursing centers across the state have been actively reviewing their emergency response…

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FHCA Recommendations for Reopening Long Term Care Centers to Visitors

Florida Health Care Association shares the Governor’s desire to get our care centers back to a time when they can experience some form of normalcy. We know that families are anxious and looking forward to the day when they can wrap their arms around their loved ones. We also know our residents want their care centers to return to the…

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FHCA Statement in Response to Emergency Rule Requiring Hospitals to Test All Patients Prior to Transfer to a Long Term Care Facility

The key to slowing the spread of COVID-19 is adequate and timely testing, since we know the virus can be spread by people who don’t show any symptoms. We applaud the Governor for this latest emergency rule requiring hospitals to test all patients before they are transferred to our care centers. This ensures nursing centers will be able to make…

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Together We are Making Progress for Nursing Homes, But Our Work Is Far From Over

As Florida joins the nation in weighing the difficult question of how and when to reopen the country, it’s vitally important for everyone to remember that for many, including our long-term care facilities, the battle with COVID-19 is far from over. Our long-term caregivers are still on the frontline in the fight against this pandemic, and we are fortunate to…

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FHCA Statement in Response to Media Reports of Deficient Care at Monticello Facility

If the account in the news media is accurate, it is heartbreaking and frustrating that our elderly residents were subject to those shameful conditions by this operator. FHCA has hundreds of members whose top priority, always, is excellent care and the well-being of their residents. We want to tell Floridians the rest of the story where our state regulators worked…

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FHCA Statement in Response to Decision to Identify LTC Facilities with Positive COVID-19 Cases

It’s been clear since the beginning that Governor DeSantis shares our goal of protecting our state’s elders in this fight against COVID-19. All of us are working vigilantly to address the massive challenges this pandemic places on our caregivers who continue to remain focused on keeping their residents safe. Since the beginning, we have supported transparency to our residents, families…

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