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These materials were developed exclusively for internal training purposes within a nursing center/assisted living facility. Florida Health Care Association may decline sale of these materials to any potential buyer, based upon Florida Health Care Association’s sole discretion.

Alzheimer's Disease or Related Disorders Training Curriculum

Effective July 1, 2023, s. 430.5025, Florida Statutes requires skilled nursing and assisted living facilities to have a uniform system of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia training. Florida Health Care Association is authorized to offer training curricula as an approved training provider for the three-hour training for nursing centers and standard ALFs, as well as the four-hour additional required training for ALFs that provide specialized memory care. Individuals who wish to train using the FHCA training curricula must be approved by DOEA and have documentation of specific educational, teaching, or practical experience required for the setting in which they wish to provide the training. For more information, visit the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) website. Specific criteria for each setting type can also be viewed in DOEA’s materials here.

Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Disorders Skilled Nursing Facility Training Curriculum
This 3-hour training curriculum for the Special Care of Nursing Home Residents with Alzheimer's Disease or Related Disorders (ADRD) is approved by the Department of Elder Affairs to meet the requirements in s. 430.5025, Florida Statutes. Completion of this curriculum is required for all employees in a nursing home who provide direct care to residents with ADRD. The curriculum includes guidance on resident communication, behavioral management, stress management for the caregiver, ethical considerations when caring for residents with ADRD, and more. Also included in the curriculum appendices are additional resources, a certificate of completion, and pre-and post-tests. $125 FHCA Members | $250 Nonmembers

ADRD Training Curriculum – Assisted Living Facilities
Updated curriculum coming soon; stay tuned for additional details.

ADRD Training Curriculum – Assisted Living Facilities Providing Specialized Memory Care
Updated curriculum coming soon; stay tuned for additional details.

Paid Feeding Assistant Training Curriculum (AHCA-Approved)

As established in 483.60, FHCA’s Paid Feeding Assistant Program was approved by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and prepared for centers to train new and existing staff to safely assist with feeding residents. This training curriculum provides comprehensive information on how to meet all regulatory requirements. Cross training staff to support residents during meals can help make the dining experience more enjoyable for residents while promoting nutrition and hydration for better quality of care. This training covers infection control, communication, emergency procedures, techniques and appropriate responses to resident behavior. Watch the informational video here. $300 FHCA Members | $500 Nonmembers

LPN Supervisory Course Curriculum

64B9-16.002 requires that all LPNs working in nursing homes shall qualify to supervise. FHCA’s LPN Supervisory Course Curriculum is a Board of Nursing approved Train the Trainer program developed to assist nursing facilities to qualify LPNs to supervise in accordance with the regulatory training requirements. The program provides an electronic manual for a qualified registered nurse to use to provide a 30 hour post-basic training experience for the LPN, that is paired with the required 16 hour supervisory experience as written in the rule. The program’s narrative is supported by interactive activities and group discussions. The curriculum is in compliance with section 64B9-16, Florida Administrative Code. For details of the requirement, please click here$150 FHCA Members | $250 Nonmembers

Personal Care Attendant Program Instructor Guide and Training Materials

The PCA Program Instructor Guide is designed to prepare nursing center providers in creating and implementing the program, and offers detailed content on the training standards and required areas of instruction/competency. The  Competency Check off forms are included. These materials reflect the update competency and training requirements that are a result of the AHCA Final Rule (R. 59A-4.1081, F.A.C.), effective May 4, 2022. $250 FHCA Members | $450 Nonmembers

Personal Care Attendant Study Guide for CNA Exam

Developed to assist the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) staff person in preparing for and completing the CNA Competency Evaluation Exam (CNA test). This guide covers Long Term Care Nursing Assistant Fundamentals, Nursing Assistant Theory, Clinical Skills Performance, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Getting Ready for the CNA test, and practice tests for students. $40 FHCA Members | $40 Nonmembers

Qualified Medication Aide Curriculum

The Qualified Medication Aide (QMA) Curriculum is a 40-hour course designed to train a qualified Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in medication administration and associated tasks for residents of a nursing home facility. The curriculum meets the requirements for QMA training as defined in ss. 400.211 (5) and 464.2035, F.S. and applicable rules of the Florida Board of Nursing. This curriculum, developed by RB Health Partners, Inc., Aston Health, and FHCA, includes an overview of the laws governing medication administration in nursing centers, appropriate infection control practices, basic anatomy and physiology, routes of medication administration, record keeping, controlled substances, and safe administration. The course includes clinical competency checklists and validation tools, chapter post-tests and answer keys, student handouts, and a customizable certificate of completion. Individuals who wish to instruct from this curriculum must meet the requirements set in rule 64B9-15.0025(5), F.A.C. 
$475 FHCA Members | $695 Nonmembers