These materials were developed exclusively for internal training purposes within a nursing center/assisted living facility. Florida Health Care Association may decline sale of these materials to any potential buyer, based upon Florida Health Care Association’s sole discretion.

Alzheimer's Disease or Related Disorders Training Curriculum

Nursing Homes

Assisted Living Facilities

Paid Feeding Assistant AHCA-Approved Training Curriculum

LPN Supervisory Course Curriculum

Personal Care Attendant Program Instructor Guide and Training Materials

The revised PCA Program Instructor Guide is designed to prepare nursing center providers in creating and implementing the program, and offers detailed content on the training standards and required areas of instruction/competency. The updated Competency Check off forms are included. This Instructor Guide was originally developed to assist with the Temporary Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Program approved by AHCA in March of 2020. The PCA program has been signed into law and will be added to Florida Statute 2021, amending 400.141 F.S. and 400.211 F.S.

Personal Care Attendant Study Guide for CNA Exam

Developed to assist the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) staff person in preparing for and completing the CNA Competency Evaluation Exam (CNA test). This guide covers Long Term Care Nursing Assistant Fundamentals, Nursing Assistant Theory, Clinical Skills Performance, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Getting Ready for the CNA test, and practice tests for students.

CNA Train-the-Trainer

Instructor Curriculum

Student Curriculum