Facility Operations

Acute/Post-Acute Collaborative to Improve Transitions of Care for COVID-19 Patients

Hospitals and LTC partnerships can play an important role in working to promote the implementation of strategies to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in their facilities. The Florida Health Care Association and Florida Hospital Association have partnered to support nursing centers and hospitals across the state through the Acute/Post-Acute Collaborative (APAC). The APAC goal is to build coalitions between acute and post-acute providers to strengthen those local and regional connections in an effort to prevent rapid spread of COVID-19, increase infection prevention and control (IPC) educational opportunities and share IPC best practices. The Acute/Post-Acute Collaborative (APAC) will include:

  • Virtual meetings to connect nursing home administrators and hospital case managers, organized by local areas (see below)
  • Best practice toolkits based on CDC guidance and Florida-specific care models
  • ICP and COVID-19 specific podcasts, webinars and other training opportunities

FHA-FHCA Regional Hospital-Nursing Home COVID-19 Calls

The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) and Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) recently held regional calls for hospitals and nursing homes to share the challenges associated with the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and share strategies to address these challenges. Over 450 individuals participated and a summary has been developed that captures the challenges and strategies discussed on the calls. Please share any other challenges or strategies with FHCA at dfranklin@fhca.org.

Click here to download the summary from the August 26-27 calls
Includes discussion on capacity, workforce, family/caregiver and other issues