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FHCA Statement on House Passing Bill to End Certificate of Need (HB 21)

Statement from Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director

“The Florida Health Care Association disagrees with those who would include nursing centers in provisions of House Bill 21 eliminating the Certificate of Need process. We will continue to offer members of the House insights into the negative effects that will occur if this bad bill continues to move forward unaltered. Repeal of Certificate of Need requirements in other states has done real harm to elder care there. Indiana saw new centers being built but beds going unfilled, which put a significant financial strain on the state’s Medicaid budget. The state had to force nursing centers to close as a result and ultimately had to reverse its CON repeal initiative. CON also contributed to Texas facilities experiencing empty beds and poor levels of care. Empty beds don’t exempt the centers from the high cost of remaining open — and the burden ultimately will fall to the taxpayers. With quality care measures steadily on the rise in Florida, FHCA believes we must maintain the progress our state has made under the existing CON process. This will ensure that the highest levels of quality care continue to be provided to our state’s ever-growing population of aging residents.”

Kristen Knapp, APR
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