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HB 1369 is Ill-Advised Bill That Would Take Resources Away from Resident Care

“We’re disappointed the House Civil Justice Subcommittee passed this ill-advised bill, which would take away much-needed resources to continue enhancing care for our residents. Nursing home caregivers are being asked to do more with less, yet even so they continue making advancements in quality that are among the best in the nation. The subcommittee heard providers today talk about the…

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Federal Gov’t Shutdown: Survey and Certification Activities

In the wake of the federal government shutdown, we have received member inquiries regarding how this will affect nursing home surveys.

FHCA queried Kim Smoak, Chief of Field Operations at the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), who responded that, “At this time we have been instructed to follow guidance from the 2013 shutdown (see CMS S&C 14-02-ALL), which means…

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CRC Proposal 88 Ignores Quality Improvements, Will Increase Lawsuits

In today’s hearing, a committee of the Constitution Revision Commission approved the misguided Proposal 88. The proposal claims to strengthen the rights of long term care residents throughout Florida, but in reality it is nothing more than an avaricious ploy by trial lawyers to profit from increased lawsuits against nursing centers.

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CRC Proposal 88 is Wrong for Constitution

In a statement today about presentations on Proposal 88, Emmett Reed said, “A committee of the Constitution Revision Commission will meet today to discuss a truly bad proposal, one that is bad on its face and most certainly does not belong in the Florida Constitution. I hope the information members receive during this discussion makes it clear just how much…

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FHCA Addresses Legislative Priorities at Media Roundtable

Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) will hold a media roundtable on Monday, January 8, at 10:30 am. Officials from FHCA, Florida’s largest advocacy organization for nursing centers and the elders they serve, will discuss the association’s priorities for the upcoming legislative session. These priorities include opposition to misguided trial lawyer legislation and Constitution Revision Commission amendments, enhancing procedures for long-term…

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Constitution Revision Commission - Act Carefully on Changes Affecting Care Options for Frail Elders

Members of the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) provided members of the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) with invaluable information and insights to help preserve a crucial policy affecting the care of Florida’s most frail residents.  In presentations to a CRC panel, FHCA speakers detailed why nursing centers should be removed from any repeal of the Certificate of Need process.

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FHCA Statement on Ill-Advised Legislation (HB 655)

Representative Edwards and Senator Farmer have put forth glaringly bad legislation that would wipe out 10 years of thoughtful progress carefully crafted by numerous past legislators. Only trial attorneys would be so over reactive and overreaching with their proposals, which would do nothing to solve the real issues of keeping our most frail residents safe during disasters.

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FHCA Statement on AHCA/DOEA New Permanent Generator Rules

Florida Health Care Association thanks the Governor, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) for considering several of our recommendations for strengthening emergency procedures in nursing homes and assisted living facilities (ALFs). The new rules proposed by AHCA/DOEA appear to contain a number of provisions put forth by FHCA in public testimony before…

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CRC Proposal Would Weaken Protections for Nursing Home Residents

“Some things simply do not belong in the Florida Constitution, which is the core document that sets out the basic structure of our government. With a glaringly bad proposal, one Constitution Revision Commission member would wipe out more than 30 years of meaningful and thoughtful progress designed to ensure that nursing home residents have the right to quality care and…

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FHCA Presents Recommended Changes to Emergency Power Plan Rules at Agency Rule Workshops

Today, Florida Health Care Association testified before the Agency for Health Care Administration during a workshop to address the proposed Emergency Power Plan Rules for nursing centers and assisted living facilities (ALFs). In his statement, FHCA Chief Lobbyist Bob Asztalos presented a number of modifications to the emergency rules (requiring generators) that would strengthen the emergency procedures in nursing centers…

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FHCA Requests Negotiated Rulemaking on Nursing Home/ALF Emergency Power Plans

Today, Florida Health Care Association requested that the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) promptly initiate negotiated rulemaking pursuant to Florida Statutes 120.54(2)(d)1. Use of this process will allow the agencies to bring together long term care providers, representatives from generator companies, engineers, fuel experts, local emergency management personnel and our federal partners…

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